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What you can do with Tweetchup

Analyze your connections on Twitter

  • How many mentions and retweets did you get.
  • Users you are most engaged with.
  • Interactive map with locations of users mentioned you.

Analyze any user on Twitter

  • Insights on user’s activities within a specific date range.
  • Who a user retweets/replies to/mentions most.
  • Hashtags a user used most.
  • User’s most retweeted/favorited tweets.
  • Days of the week and hours of the day a user sends tweets most.

Analyze keywords and hashtags on Twitter

  • Insights on tweets containing specific keywords/hashtag/user mention.
  • Stats on users mentioned keywords.
  • Interactive map with locations of users mentioned keywords.
  • Hashtags most used within tweets containing keywords.

Analyze from any device

  • Tweetchup is mobile/tablet/laptop friendly. You can use it from any device you’re comfortable with.

Users love Tweetchup

Interesting Twitter analytics site
Guy Kawasaki, Motorola advisor, VC @GuyKawasaki
A cool app for Twitter Stats - Tweetchup
Liz Strauss, SOBCon Founder, social business strategist @lizstrauss
Holy cow this is an awesome app!!
Steven Citron-Pousty, Developer Advocate for OpenShift @TheSteve0
Really love what I can do with @tweetchup - great app - and great to learn it is free!
Marita Roebkes, Society3 CoFounder @MaritaR
Tweetchup: free analytics tool for Twitter - Interesting!
Pier Luca Santoro, Social Media Editor at @la_stampa @pedroelrey

Who is behind Tweetchup

I love making cool things
Alex Kaul, Tweetchup founder/developer @alex_kaul
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