Twitter Introduce Periscope Ads Ahead Of Videos

It has been reported that Twitter will introduce Periscope ads which will start appearing before videos.

periscope ads

Periscope is Twitter’s live-streaming platform which they acquired in 2015, and now it will start to feature pre-roll ads on both live and archived videos.

As Twitter looks to start monetizing their video service, they have said that Periscope ads will be of mixed lengths, longer ads can be skipped, and will run over the top of video content.

To begin with, Twitter is only offering up a selected publishers for brands to buy ads against.

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Cancer Research UK Launch #FilterOutCancer Twitter Campaign

Cancer Research UK continues its quest to beat cancer with new Twitter campaign, #FilterOutCancer.

Twitter users should tweet @CR_UK with #FilterOutCancer and the name of the celebrity filter, eg #DJFresh.


The image will then be processed with the filter added and provide the user of their photo with their hashtagged celeb’s filter.

The Twitter campaign will run until April 3, 2017.

Learn more about the campaign here.

Over 500,000 Extremist Twitter Accounts Suspended

More than half-a-million extremist Twitter accounts have been terminated by the social media titan.

Since mid-2015, Twitter has been combatting “violent extremism” on the platform which has resulted in over 500,000 extremist Twitter accounts being suspended, with over 375,000 profiles being eliminated in the last six months of 2016.

Jeremy Kessel, Director, Global Legal Policy, said in Twitter’s latest transparency report: “For now, we have added the new government terms of service section to this report with information covering government requests and our response to removing content that violates the Twitter Rules relating to the promotion of terrorism.

“It also includes an update on the company’s continued work to remove terrorist content from our platform beyond government reports.”

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United Airlines Show How Not To Use Robotic Tweets

United Airlines used robotic tweets to handle a situation where the Airline barred two girls from boarding wich caused a PR backlash.

The robotic tweets were used for an hour and responded to anyone asking about the incident (where United prevented girls for boarding a flight for wearing leggings) with a robotic recitation of its terms of service.

robotic tweets

After an hour of silence, United updated their response to say that it was “looking into the situation” with a series of more robotic tweets.

You can check the recent tweets, activity, and followers of @United on BirdSong Analytics.

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How to Download Instagram Followers

How can I download Instagram followers?

You can download Instagram followers with BirdSong Analytics. Their follower exports come as part of their Instagram Analytics reports, providing you with more in-depth data that Instagram, which can be downloaded to .csv for further, offline analysis.

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Instagram to Let You Book Appointments on App

Instagram users will soon be able to book appointments online via the photo and video sharing app.

The Facebook-own app looks to continue to improve its consumer features and will allow users to book appointments with businesses and looks to launch in the very near future.

James Quarles, Instagram’s head of business, told Bloomberg: “When someone books an appointment, that’s not a ‘like’ or a ‘follow,’ that’s actual action.”

According to Bloomberg, the app’s booking service is expected to launch in the next few months.

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Instagram Milestone: One Million Active Advertisers

Instagram has just reached its latest milestone: one million active advertisers.

The one million active advertisers is double the amount of active advertisers that Instagram reported they had back in September 2016.

In an official blog post, Instagram stated: “Passions extend to brands, with 80% of Instagrammers following a business today.”

Already this year, well over 120 million Instagrammers visited a website, emailed, called or direct-messaged to learn more about a business.

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How to Export Instagram Followers

How can I export Instagram followers?

You can export Instagram followers with BirdSong Analytics. You will be able to download a list of the followers and following of any publicly available Instagram account which you can export to .csv in Google Docs and Excel for a more in-depth analysis.

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Instagram Shopping Expands to Thousands of Brands

Instagram shopping is here to help retailers and brands benefit more from the platform.

The new feature had been in testing with 20 brands on the photo-sharing app and Instagram is now ready to bring this update to thousands of brands from all over the world.

Instagram shopping aims to bring a better shopping experience to its users. Mary Beech, EVP and Chief Marketing Officer of Kate Spade New York said on the blog: “Traditionally, our customer had turned to Instagram for inspiration, and we’re seeing that she’s reacting positively to the new shopping experience, which allows her to seamlessly tap and shop the product”.

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